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Vortrag im Oberseminar

Am Montag, den 10. Dezember hält Dr. Juliane Müller einen Vortrag im Oberseminar: "The Pace of Trade"

10.12.2018 um 18:00 Uhr

Dr. Juliane Müller (LMU München)

The Pace of Trade: Credit, Capital and Wealth Creation among Bolivian Wholesalers of Electronics

In this talk, I relate feasting and trading temporalities and dynamics in La Paz (Bolivia) with the aim to elaborate value and wealth creation among wholesalers of electronic appliances – women, men and married couples who source merchandise in Chile and China.
During patron saints festivals that include huge dance parades and reciprocal serving of alcohol, attended by people of diverse social and ethnic background, but predominantly sponsored by upward mobile traders of Aymara origin, economic value production and the realization of cultural values are intimately intertwined. Crates of beer, banknotes, respect and affection circulate in what I call ‘prestations of cariño’. Whereas the concept of ayni indicates the social obligation to return the same amount of the same token, cariño means to reciprocate with an increment (beer and money convertible into commercial capital), but at the same time to attend others with dedication and modesty.
I will think about the entanglement of numbers and gestures, credit and care expressed in cariño with the conceptual repertoire of scholars who have focused on the realization of value through human action and different sorts of material media (D. Graeber, M. Lambek, N. Munn, T. Turner).


Wann?     Montag, 10.12.2018, 18 Uhr
Wo?         Institut für Ethnologie, Oettingenstraße 67, 80538 München
                Raum L155 (Obergeschoss) Lageplan


Für die Veranstaltungsreihe hat Herr Prof. Dr. Frank Heidemann in diesem Semester ein vielseitiges  Programm mit interessanten Themen und ReferentInnen zusammengestellt. Mehr Informationen über ehemalige Vorträge am Institut für Ethnologie finden Sie im „Veranstaltungsarchiv".