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AI4Dignity is a proof of concept project funded by the European Research Council (2020-2022). Identifying the need for a global comparative framework in AI-assisted solutions for online extreme speech, this project aims to address major challenges facing AI assisted extreme speech moderation by developing an innovative solution of collaborative, society-centric model. “AI4Dignity” moves beyond keyword-based detection systems by pioneering a community-based classification approach. It identifies fact-checkers as critical human interlocutors who can bring cultural contextualization to AI-assisted speech moderation in a meaningful and feasible manner. AI4Dignity will be a significant step towards setting procedural benchmarks to operationalize “the human in the loop” principle and bring inclusive training datasets for AI systems tackling urgent issues of digital hate and disinformation. Read more about the project here.

Team Members

Principal Investigator: Sahana Udupa

Principal LMU Partner: Prof Dr Hinrich Schütze

ITG Partner: Dr Stephan Lücke

Research Associate: Christiane Bayer

Research Associate: Antonis Maronikolakis

Research Associate: Leah Nann

Research Associate: Axel Wisiorek 

Computer Science Research Assistant: Philip Baader

Policy Consultant: Elonnai Hickok