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11th European Society for Oceanists Conference

Experiencing Pacific Environments

29.06.2017 – 02.07.2017

People in Oceania experience diverse life-worlds undergoing profound transformations. Migration, urbanisation, religious movements, resource extraction, and climate change, as well as new technologies like the internet and mobile phones, are just some of the recent changes that are reconfiguring Pacific environments. Pacific lives have always featured mobilities, networks and relatedness, but the contemporary era lends these experiences new qualities and meanings. Experiencing Pacific environments presents new research challenges: How are Pacific life-worlds created and experienced through interactions between human and other-than-human entities? How are experiences and environments reconstituted in times of spatial and temporal reconfigurations?

The theme of the 11th conference of the European Society for Oceanists encourages participants to discuss these questions. The conference invites interdisciplinary dialogues and includes artistic contributions, such as films and video installations that will contribute to a wider dialogue between the arts and academia.

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