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Die Amerikas: Forschungskolloquium zu den Amerikas aus kulturwissenschaftlicher Sicht

Am Donnerstag, den 05. November 2015 hält Dr. Flora Cabalzar (University of Sao Paulo) einen Vortrag über Politik und educação am oberen Rio Negro.

05.11.2015 um 18:00 Uhr


Dr. Flora Cabalzar, (Associate researcher, Center for Amerindian Studies, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Politik und educação am oberen Rio Negro

Tuyuka “brothers” pathways: producing difference through life histories in Northwest Amazonia

My presentation is focused on contemporary indigenous peoples of the Northwestern Amazon region, near the Brazilian-Colombian border, and their trajectories between their communities and the cities.

After a brief introduction to the Northwestern Amazonian regional context, I will introduce some important Tuyuka "brothers" of older generations, through their interconnected life histories. Focus will be given to the ways they hold and let flow important leadership and shamanic knowledge, and to particular circumstances of life transformations and amplifying territorial mobility, as remarked by themselves, their adult children or grandchildren.
The enunciation of life histories will help us to pinpoint, in an introductory way, the composition of agnatic lines (and hierarchic relations) through "circulation of vitalities, properties"; or the material (ritual adornments, myths and ritual books of indigenous authorship) and immaterial aspects of knowledge circulation (names, languages).

I finally give a short testimony on the adventures, which began around 2000 and 2010, in cooperation with indigenous and non-indigenous NGOs. I will introduce the local projects of ritual knowledge registration - sound and books - and math knowledge exchanges at Tuyuka Indigenous School. Contexts encouraging communities to keep observing deeper and deeper their own practices, while bringing together different assumptions of different peoples: Tuyuka, ethno-mathematicians, anthropologists, linguists, astronomers, to name only a few.


Wann?            Donnerstag, 05. November 2015, 18 -20 Uhr

Wo?                Oettingenstr. 67, Raum L155 (Obergeschoss)

Veranstalter:  Institut für Ethnologie Lageplan

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