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Veronica Maioli, MSc.

Gastdoktorandin / Visiting Doctoral Candidate

Veronica Maioli has worked, in the past years, within a multidisciplinary approach combining Ethnobotany, Phytosociology, Wood anatomy and Landscape Ecology. In her PhD, Maioli aims to unite these perspectives in the project “Past use of species from the Atlantic Rainforest in senzalas (slave houses) in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil”.

Maioli holds degrees in Biological and Environmental Science (Botany) from the National Museum/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil (MSc, 2008), and in Biology from Santa Ursula University, in Rio de Janeiro State (BSc, 2004). Her research interests have spanned from commercially used plants to indigenous and slave descendants’ knowledge, and also botanical identification of trees and historical wood samples.

Her MSc research was supported by a scholarship from CAPES (Coordination of Superior Level Improvement). She also received a TCT-5 scholarship from FAPERJ (Rio de Janeiro Support Research Foundation)(2008-2010), and her doctoral research is supported by CAPES scholarship. She is currently in Munich on a six month PDSE scholarship, to work on her thesis and consult with departmental member Stefanie Belharte on its ethnobotanical aspects.